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Chicken Burgers and Beats

This is tomorrow night peoples. Plan accordingly.

Time to get squaaaaawkin' y'all.

Time to get squaaaaawkin’ y’all.

Bells Burgers

Giant Footy

The best thing about this burger is the Giants won.

Purveyor: Bells Burgers, Spotless Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park

Menu Item: Portuguese Chicken Burger

Price: $9.50 AUD

Squawk: To their credit, when we asked how they could call two halves of a sugary bun filled with a dry, stringy chicken patty, wilted lettuce, a slice of plastic cheese and some mayonnaise a “Portuguese Style” burger, they dug around in the fridge and pulled out some hot chilli sauce for us.

Buaawk: This burger made us want to punch ourselves in the face for even thinking it might be good in the first place.