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Another 10/10?

Purveyor: We don’t know. Some legend sent this to us.

Menu Item: We’re calling it the VB Burger, for Very Beautiful.

Price: All we know is that longneck makes it a great value. Full stop.

Squawk: Do you have to ask?

Buaawk: Nothing. There is nothing not good about this.


Bells Burgers

Giant Footy

The best thing about this burger is the Giants won.

Purveyor: Bells Burgers, Spotless Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park

Menu Item: Portuguese Chicken Burger

Price: $9.50 AUD

Squawk: To their credit, when we asked how they could call two halves of a sugary bun filled with a dry, stringy chicken patty, wilted lettuce, a slice of plastic cheese and some mayonnaise a “Portuguese Style” burger, they dug around in the fridge and pulled out some hot chilli sauce for us.

Buaawk: This burger made us want to punch ourselves in the face for even thinking it might be good in the first place.