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Purveyor: The North Bondi Bowlo, Bondi NSW, Australia

Menu Item: Fried Schnitz Burger w/ Aioli, Sweet Chilli, American Cheese, Iceberg and Bacon

Price: $18 AUD

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Squawk: Ladies and Gentlemen we have a real contender here. This one has all the things we love in the middle like bacon, tomato, lettuce, and a perfectly fried piece of delicious breast meat – not overly crispy, just nice and golden. Plus it it had one of those square American cheese slices that we love so well because they’re so perfectly white trash. And we especially enjoyed the Australian made Diemen’s “Stinger” hot sauce – that’s the hot one (there were two options).

Buaawk: The roll is fine, but they missed an opportunity here. The accompanying chick pea salad tasted like it came from a can. Not good, but maybe it was just for decoration anyway. The bacon was limp, not crispy, but at least it was there. OK chips. And the love of all that is holy, sweet chili has no business on this burger (or any other) and should be optional. We say stick with the Diemen’s. For our money Dijon mustard, a better roll and crispier bacon could have taken this one all the way.

Bonus Points: Great venue on a summer/sunny day. Highly recommended.

 – HC