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Purveyor: Tripod Cafe, Darlington NSW, Australia

Menu Item: Crispy Chicken Burger

Price: $15 AUD (Lunch Special: with chips and homemade ginger beer)

Squawk: A nice surprise in an unexpected spot. This burger is big. Like “need a nap after eating it” big. It comes with a nicely prepared slaw and jalapeños which make this burger competitive. The fact that it comes with nice, but not amazing, chips/fries and Tripod’s homemade ginger beer – which is delicious – for just $15 make this good value as well.

Buaawk: Farking BBQ sauce! Why?! Why would you do that? Mayo? Sure. Garlic aioli? Why not. Sriracha? Yes please. But that shitty BBQ sauce that’s full of sugar, artificial colour and chemicals has no business on this burger. They’re already winning with the slaw and jalapeños – if they’d just stopped there this could have been a real contender, but no. Also the chicken was generous, moist and filling, but it was too fried –  nobody wants to taste the oil it was fried in, and we could.

Bonus Points: Ginger Beer!

Rating: 6/10