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Purveyor: Texas Chicken, Singapore Airport

Menu Item: Big Tex Burger Combo

Price: $6.80

Squawk: Chicken was better than it looked – juicy, tender despite being a little cool. Tomato was nice to see on there too after our recent Helsinki Hesburger experience.

Buaawk: What self respecting chicken chain has the nerve to:

A) call themselves “Texas Chicken,” and then

B) not have any true Texas style vinegar based hot sauce? That is a major fail. And when you factor in they we’re serving Asian style chili sauce instead, well that’s just plain wrong. Even if we are in Singapore. It’s not Singapore Chicken. Somebody in Texas needs to get dragged behind a pickup for that one.  Also, major Mayo overload and the fries weren’t hot. On top of all that, every table in the place was dirty, there we’re no napkins, and the sweaty, frustrated staff were just obese enough to make me seriously consider a Subway salad instead. And you know how gross those are.  With a name like Texas Chicken it has to be good – and it wasn’t. There’s probably worse out there, but we hope not.

Rating: 2/10