Purveyor: The Lord Nelson Brewery & Hotel, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Menu Item: Chicken & Avocado Burger

Price: $23 AUD (with a “middie” of handcrafted Pale Ale)

Squawk: Chicken was superb. Nicely prepared in what appeared to almost be a Tandoori style, individual strips with plenty of juiciness, and crisp around the edges – without being burned. Nice fresh vegetables – cucumber was a surprising and welcome addition.

Buaawk: Roll was too dry – slightly stale, not enough sauce. And on the subject of sauce why do so many places get this wrong? Either too much, not enough, no flavour or too much flavour… (sigh). Lord Nelson tries with their Chilli Jam, but its neither jam nor chilli, and in then end, adds very little value – other than to keep the too dry roll from turning your mouth into the Sahara. Chips were average. Limp, damp potato nothingness.

Rating: 7/10

Bonus: It’s a brewery. Literally.

Minus: Smells like a brewery. Literally.

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