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Cook & Archies

Purveyor: Cook & Archies, Surry Hills, NSW Australia

Menu Item: Southern Fried Chicken Burger

Price: $19 AUD

Cook and Archies Chicken Burger Review Food Critic HolyCluck Holy Cluck Sandwich Chook Eran Thomson

Believe it or not, the pineapple actually works.

Squawk: There’s a lot to love about this burger and Chef gets bonus points for being ballsy enough to put a pineapple slice on it and have it work. To most of us here at Holy-Cluck pineapple seems like the sort of thing you should just pull out before your first bite (and it was hard for us not to), but when combined with the crunchy chicken and tartness of the fermented cabbage and green apple slaw, it all comes together in a truly original – and delicious – way. The combos including the smoky mayo and jalapeños are perfectly balanced, high quality and unexpected, providing a good mix of textures and flavours without any off-putting mouth feel. Good sweet potato chips too, although the portion was small.

Buaawk: Somebody’s never been to “The South” coz this ain’t even close to how they do fried chicken down there. While we enjoyed the thin, crunchy pieces, any connoisseur would agree the sandwich doesn’t deliver what the menu promises. All of us felt the burger was too small in both diameter and height for $19 and some of us felt that despite all the interesting and well paired ingredients, it was a bit dry and the bread roll too thick in relation to what was inside it.

Burger Project

Purveyor: Burger Project, MLC Centre, Sydney CBD, Australia

Menu Item: Spicy Fried Chicken Katsu Burger

Price: $10.90 AUD

Squawk: This place has been popping up on our radar for some time – people telling us we gotta try it and all that. Of course “people” don’t always know what’s up. That’s why you need experts like us. To tell you where to get lunch. And judging by the long lines, this place makes a pretty decent, if not very popular burger. And at $10.90 it represents decent value which may be a large part of why people queue up. Most everyone we spoke with got beef burgers, but that’s a whole other blog, we’re all about the squaaaaawkers, and sadly the best thing we can say about this particular burger is the chipotle chips are really great, even if they are $5.50 extra. Great chips.

Buaawk: There’s a lot of disappointment here. Overall its just a tiny burger to start with. The bun was too sugary and plastic food shiny. Chicken is thin, although evenly breaded and fried, it’s not “Katsu” at all, more of a small schnitzel is all. For heat there was some salted chopped chillies, not a sauce. Pickles were OK, lettuce was fine, and the “Katsu” sauce was non-existent. We had higher hopes. The good news is this place is a “project” which means there’s a chance for them to do better next time. Right?

Who Got Da Goldenest Nugs?

Did you know the chicken nugget was created by a food scientist at Cornell University more than 60 years ago?

Since then, the breaded pieces of (probably) chicken meat have become a part of nearly every fast-food menu. McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Chick-fil-A each have their own approach to the chicken nugget. Now, we be strictly Chicken Burgers all up in here, but the folks over at Business Insider set out to find which chain does the golden nugs the best. Go see for yourself. Or (spoiler alert) just see below.

... Chick-fil-A takes the title. The classic McNuggets are second, followed by Burger King and Wendy's. Chick-fil-A's simple little nuggets provide the right texture, flavor, and crispy goodness that lead us to believe that it has the best chicken nuggets in the game.

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! Chcik-Fil-A – as long as you’re not gay.

NOTE: While we applaud the efforts of Business Insider for doing this important research, we’d be more wiling to accept their final verdict if Chick-Fil-A wasn’t run by hard-core, right wing Christian fundamentalists who are blatantly homophobic. Regardless, we say, stick with the burgers, we’ve seen how nuggets are made.

Via: Business Insider / Marina Nazario
Photos: Hollis Johnson 


The Grounds

Purveyor: The Grounds, Alexandria NSW Australia

Menu Item: Chicken Schnitzel Burger

Price: $21 AUD

The Grounds Alexandria

Coffee roasting equipment looks and smells great.

Squawk: If you’ve ever driven through Alexandria and seen a random line of people and wondered what they were all waiting for, it was probably to get into The Grounds. They’re kinda the only game in town. A part of town historically full of factories, that is now in the process of going “full hipster.” And regardless, it is a truly impressive and awesome venue and worth a look, although we’re not sure about the wait. We managed to sneak in a slower time for a late lunch and snag a seat at a communal table amongst the roasting machines. Cool. But, as always, you want to know about the grub, so here goes: First thing we noticed was the chips come in a paper bag. A nice and unusual gimmick – and they’re good chips too, although our neighbours polenta chips seem like the more interesting call. Burger-wise the tabouli influenced salad is unexpected and nice. And that’s about all the squawkin’ we can do for this one. The staff run like a well oiled (coffee?) machine and the free wifi is a nice touch.

Buaawk: A place this cool really should have a winning chicken burger, but they have a ways to go before their Schnitzel Burger matches up with the vibe and decor. The bread was stale which may explain the mayo overload – you know, to soften things back up. The chicken was unremarkable, although we did think it was nice that they use smaller pieces stacked to fit the bun rather than one giant schnitty with wings that stick out squ-awkwardly RSL style. That said, this translates to a solid stack height that makes for hard, messy, eatin’ and our communal table was out of napkins the entire time – the one part where the overly efficient, walkie-talkie wearing, staff dropped the ball. Sauce-wise they had Tabasco only, which is just a rookie move that we can longer abide. Speaking of sauce, there wasn’t any sauce for chips which just seems like an insult. And speaking of chips, the bigger insult was in the rolled up chip bag. Turns out they scrunch up a bunch of the bag at the bottom to make it take up space so that your big bag of chips is actually only about two thirds as full as it looks when it lands on your table. This is sort of scam reflects poorly on everything else. Yes, there were, in fact, plenty of chips, but it still feels deceptive. Why not just use a smaller bag? And lastly, if there was any cheese on the thing, we couldn’t taste it.

Orto Trading Co.

Purveyor: Orto Trading Co, Surry Hills, NSW Australia

Menu Item: Southern Fried Chicken Benni

Price: $18 AUD

Squawk: The brioche (They call it an English Muffin, but it’s not even close) is one of the best around and the sweetness is just right with the butter and Hollandaise. Egg is just right – oozing the needed yolky moisture to make the semi-dry chicken go down smoothly. We love the venue and the friendly staff. We heard it was sold recently so went back to see what the new Owner was up to. Turns out, they kept all the things we loved about the place – and added a few new delicious non-chicken items to menu as well, The “Orto Brekky” is a fave. We highly recommend the place overall, but if you’re heading out for a high-ranking chicken burger, keep walking, the exception to this being, if you’re supremely hungover. In that case, one of these and one of their perfect coffees, just might get you through the morning.

Buaawk: This should be knock your socks off delicious. Sadly all socks stay on. (Maybe that’s a good thing.) Point is this could be something special with a little more love, attention to detail and creativity. Our biggest issue is with the chicken itself, too much oily crust, and the three times we’ve tried, it always seems like it sat in the fryer for just a bit too long. And a side of something potato-ey would go a long way.