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Purveyor: Bondi Hardware, Bondi NSW, Australia

Menu Item: Spiced Chicken Sliders

Price: 4 for $20 AUD

Squawk: Nice venue. Good beer list. Friendly Staff. But you just want to know if four of those tiny lil sliders are worth $20 right? Short answer: No. Long answer: No. (See below)

Buaawk: The tiny bits of chicken were so deeply fried that they resembled bits of Karagi you might find in a Japanese place – which would be good if they were nice and moist, but they were mostly dry. The bacon jam sounded like a bad idea, and it was, but you can’t go wrong with Sriracha slaw, which is the saving grace for these overpriced, undersized burgers. Oh and they don’t come with fries/chips either. Those you have to order separately which just seems so totally out of the sprit of chicken burgering (we made that word up) that if it wasn’t for the delicious beers and sunny outdoor tables, we’d call in the burger police.

Rating: 3/10


Purveyor: The Rose Hotel, Chippendale, NSW Australia

Menu Item: Chicken Burger

Price: $15 AUD (with a Beer)

Squawk: Comes with a beer. And Huffman’s hot sauce which actually isn’t that hot, but does taste nice. Overall this is a decent burger, nothing too fancy or surprising. One thing that confused us was the orange sauce (cheese?) dripping all over the damn thing – it looks amazing, but it was bland and we still don’t know exactly what it was.

Buaawk: The only way you can get away with a mystery sauce is if it’s so damn delicious nobody cares that you made it out of dead baby’s tears. Or whatever. Point is… what is it? Also the bun was a bit thick and sweet.

Rating: 5/10