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The Clock Hotel

Purveyor: The Clock Hotel, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Menu Item: Chermoula Chicken Burger, Lemon Yoghurt, Fennel Slaw

Price: $18 (Two for one special on Tuesdays during lunch)

Squawk: Well. We liked the bottled hot sauce. And it’s an amazing venue – Make sure you sit upstairs on the balcony on a nice day and watch the world go by.

Buaawk: This burger has all the signs of someone who really, really wanted to do something great. Like a little kid at bat, dreaming of winning the world championship, but sadly it’s a swing and a miss. The “Chermoula” was a feeble attempt at Jerk or Moroccan spice mix that should have been amazing, but was sadly wasted on a chewy, stringy, tiny piece of meat with the skin still on. The fennel slaw was a nice try, but too much mayo made it rough on the palate. And seriously. Lemon yoghurt? Get. Off. My. Burger. To make things worse there was too much bun, plus greasy fries. But the bottled hot sauce was great.

Rating: 3/10