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Purveyor: Chur, Surry Hills NSW, Australia

Menu Item: Marinated Grilled Chicken w Hot Mayo and Minted Slaw

Price: $10 AUD (Spicy Chips $6, L&P $5)

Squawk: We’ve been fans of this place ever since we first tried their BBQ pork sandwich. It’s so good we’ve never been able to make ourselves order the chicken burger until now. And that’s saying a lot, because you KNOW how much we loves them chicken burgers.

When you order you’ll see a sign behind the bar that says “We proudly serve McClure’s pickles.” So we asked for those to be put on the burger. Turns out this was an excellent idea if we may say so ourselves. They’re good. The Hot mayo isn’t that hot really, but it does add a nice bit of kick. And if you need more, just reach for one of the many options in their beer style six packs of hot sauces. The meat is nicely grilled chicken breast, nearly blackened and it’s all held together, barely, by a nice soft brioche that’s not sweet like some. This is a real contender, not quite a top-scorer, but some Dijon mustard, crispy bacon, or a thick tomato slice just might bring this one into “Best Burger” Champion range.

Buaawk: Lots of sauce. Maybe too much sauce. It’s super messy, and impossible to eat without getting your hands covered. Fortunately there’s a whole entire roll of paper towels always at your disposal. And tasty beats messy 7 days a week. Our major gripe is that it’s always too loud. The music isn’t for the customers. Its for the staff. And that’s been a problem every time we’ve come here. We didn’t come to dance. We came to eat and catch up with out mates. If they fix this then they’ve fixed nearly everything.

Rating: 8/10


The Clock Hotel

Purveyor: The Clock Hotel, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Menu Item: Chermoula Chicken Burger, Lemon Yoghurt, Fennel Slaw

Price: $18 (Two for one special on Tuesdays during lunch)

Squawk: Well. We liked the bottled hot sauce. And it’s an amazing venue – Make sure you sit upstairs on the balcony on a nice day and watch the world go by.

Buaawk: This burger has all the signs of someone who really, really wanted to do something great. Like a little kid at bat, dreaming of winning the world championship, but sadly it’s a swing and a miss. The “Chermoula” was a feeble attempt at Jerk or Moroccan spice mix that should have been amazing, but was sadly wasted on a chewy, stringy, tiny piece of meat with the skin still on. The fennel slaw was a nice try, but too much mayo made it rough on the palate. And seriously. Lemon yoghurt? Get. Off. My. Burger. To make things worse there was too much bun, plus greasy fries. But the bottled hot sauce was great.

Rating: 3/10


Purveyor: Three Williams Cafe, Redfern, NSW, Australia

Menu Item: Chicken Schnitzel Burger

Price: $18 AUD

Squawk: Great chips – thick, crunchy and salty. Great sauces too – Sriracha, Garlic Aioli, and Wasabi Mayo. As for the burger, which is what you really want to know about, the bun was nice and soft, perfectly toasted and seeded. Fresh greens always nice. And nice presentation.

Buaawk: Schnitzel was a bit over fried – and small. Majorly overloaded with pickled red onions. Like waaaaay too many. Did I say “waaaaay?” Because I meant “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.”

Rating: 6/10

Bonus: Friendly staff turned off the A/C which was blowing a frigid breeze directly at our table. Props.