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Rum Kitchen

Dee vibe Mon, eets about dee vibe.

Dee vibe Mon, eets about dee vibe.

Purveyor: The Rum Kitchen, SoHo Carnaby St., London UK

Menu Item: The Twist Burger

Price: £8

Squawk: This place is one of the many “Kingly Court” open air eateries and a great destination if you’re hungry and don’t know what you’re in the mood for, but of course, you do know don’t you? That’s why you’re here and why you should probably join up and start submitting some chicken burger reviews of your own, but we digress.

Lots of other options out there.

Lots of other options out there.

The Twist Burger is a Jamaican jerk chicken burger served with tomato, lettuce, hoisin mayo & Sriracha and comes on its own. All sides are extra. Even fries, which is a bad idea “mon.” The chicken is perfect combo of chewy and crspy without the sinewy strings of “nature’s dental floss” we’ve found on other Jerk burgers in the past. The spice is nice although not as long lasting as we would have liked. Presentation is solid. We like the decor, the music and the overall vibe. And we noted their.custom printed bowl/plate liners and their very nicely printed 43 page drinks menu (the food menu is one page, so we know where their priorities lie – which reminds us, we always love those mini bottles of Red Stripe Beer, we call them “Jamaican hand grenades.” Details like the tin can cutlery holders added an authentic touch.

Buaawk: Service while friendly, was, as is expected in this part of the world, terrible. Our burger came first. Then our beer. Then our cutlery/napkins. And then, finally, they asked us if we wanted water, to which we replied “yes,” and instead they brought us a candle. When we asked for extra hot sauce we got Sriracha. Not sure what part of Jamaica that’s from. It works, but that’s because Sriracha is a universally friendly, non discriminatory sauce, and not due to any observable kitchen intellgience.


Purveyor: Rosie Campbell’s Surry Hills NSW, Australia

Menu Item: Jerk Chicken Burger

Price: $16 AUD

Squawk: Yah dred mon, this be the joint for the Jamaican vibes ya hear? This place has good energy, great music and a considered decor that makes it feel fun from the second you step inside. We especially liked the Studio 1 record label table tops and speaker box table legs. The fact that the staff are friendly and they happen to have a good beer selection with two of their own house beers on tap is a bonus. On top of all that, this burger is solid. Good bun, nice jerk spice, and juicy without compromising structural integrity. Pass the burger on dee left hand side! I say…

Buaawk: Sadly, not everything in Trenchtown rocks. The jerk spice is nice, but like some of the other “jerks” we’ve tried in Australia, its been dumbed down to cater to local (sweeter) palate. We say stay true to your roots – keep that spice nice. We loved that they let us swap regular fries for the Sweet Potato Fries, but they were too sweet. We’re pretty sure they put sugar on them, which is crossing a line nobody should cross when it comes to a chip. Any kind of chip. We missed the authentic chilli vinegar we’ve found at some other Jamaican/Caribbean restaurants and were disappointed to see the hot sauce served in a tiny ramekin when the beautiful bottles were so prominently displayed on the walls. That said, it was nice hot sauce, just don’t mix it with those sugary Sweet Potato Fries.

Bonus Points: Knowing which reggae songs to turn the volume up on, but not leaving it up when they ended.

 – HC