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Purveyor: Rueben Hills, Surry Hills NSW, Australia

Menu Item: Dirty Bird Chicken Chicken Burger

Price: $17.50 AUD

Squawk: This place is cool. Unlike so many places out there that are trying to be cool, this one just is. We love the rugged garage-like interior, the open roller door at the back, the minimalist hard concrete, steel and wood fit-out is understated, but visually impactful. And they play good music at just the right volume. And… they got some very nice bottled hot sauces to choose from too. On top of all this, Reuben Hills is really more of a coffee joint, so you get all those fantastic aromas wafting around. But you just want to know how down and dirty that Dirty Bird really is. They have rock solid foundation with a world-class brioche, one of the best we’ve encountered, but, disappointingly, the middle isn’t worthy of it.

Buaawk: We’re all about simplicity and quality ingredients, and that’s what they seem to be going for here, but it costs them. We’ve had other dishes on their menu in the past (gasp) and they’re delicious, so we’re sad to see this bird don’t fly. The sauerkraut like pickles are a nice touch, but too wet – this burger is like a leaky faucet. The meat is juicy, but bland and without the aforementioned hot sauce to give this chick some wings, it ain’t going nowheres.

Bonus Points: Fantastic interior, vibe, tunes and staff.

 – HC