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The Coogee Pavillion

Purveyor: The Coogee Pavillion, Coogee Beach, NSW Australia

Menu Item: Fried Chicken Sandwich

Price: $21 AUD

Squawk: This fairly average burger is majorly overshadowed by the Fried Sebago Potatoes with crisp thyme and chilli aioli ($12). These don’t come with the burger (fail), but they are off the hook. Dangerously delicious and highly recommended. But the burger! Tell us about the burger, you say. (We hacked your phone and can hear everything you say and think BTW). So the burger: It’s fine. It does the job and doesn’t do anything so overtly wrong that we can truly hate or praise it. They got the “chips included” part right, but they’re average chips that only serve as a negative counterpoint to the Fried Sebago Potatoes. The rather large venue was recently refurbished by the Merivale Group and if you go in between peak times, it’s actually quite a pleasant place to be. Especially in summer when all the windows and doors open to glorious sea breezes.

Buaawk: Staff here are, as expected with Merivale venues, attractive and friendly, but also relatively inattentive and seemingly dimwitted. On our last visit we watched a waitress drop glassware onto the floor three different times within an hour. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Truth is, this is just an unsurprising, neutral burger so rather than blather on about it, we’ll take this opportunity to vent one of our pet peeves around here: Spicy Mayo that isn’t spicy at all. One of our favourite bartenders at The House of Prime Rib in San Francisco, taught us ages ago that the best way to make a martini is to just look at the Dry Vermouth bottle very closely, but never pick it up (i.e. don’t use it). Whether or not you like your martinis super dry or not, this same philosophy seems to apply in Australian kitchens whenever a Chef decides to make “spicy mayo.” If they use regular mayo and just look at a chilli then it’s somehow, magically, deemed spicy. This is a long way round of saying that shit wasn’t spicy at all, and pretending it is makes Chef look dumb and us feel sad. Put some freakin’ heat on it! Have a great day.

Rum Kitchen

Dee vibe Mon, eets about dee vibe.

Dee vibe Mon, eets about dee vibe.

Purveyor: The Rum Kitchen, SoHo Carnaby St., London UK

Menu Item: The Twist Burger

Price: £8

Squawk: This place is one of the many “Kingly Court” open air eateries and a great destination if you’re hungry and don’t know what you’re in the mood for, but of course, you do know don’t you? That’s why you’re here and why you should probably join up and start submitting some chicken burger reviews of your own, but we digress.

Lots of other options out there.

Lots of other options out there.

The Twist Burger is a Jamaican jerk chicken burger served with tomato, lettuce, hoisin mayo & Sriracha and comes on its own. All sides are extra. Even fries, which is a bad idea “mon.” The chicken is perfect combo of chewy and crspy without the sinewy strings of “nature’s dental floss” we’ve found on other Jerk burgers in the past. The spice is nice although not as long lasting as we would have liked. Presentation is solid. We like the decor, the music and the overall vibe. And we noted their.custom printed bowl/plate liners and their very nicely printed 43 page drinks menu (the food menu is one page, so we know where their priorities lie – which reminds us, we always love those mini bottles of Red Stripe Beer, we call them “Jamaican hand grenades.” Details like the tin can cutlery holders added an authentic touch.

Buaawk: Service while friendly, was, as is expected in this part of the world, terrible. Our burger came first. Then our beer. Then our cutlery/napkins. And then, finally, they asked us if we wanted water, to which we replied “yes,” and instead they brought us a candle. When we asked for extra hot sauce we got Sriracha. Not sure what part of Jamaica that’s from. It works, but that’s because Sriracha is a universally friendly, non discriminatory sauce, and not due to any observable kitchen intellgience.

Hacked By GeNErAL


Purveyor: Bird, Shoreditch, London UK

Menu Item: The Nashville Hot

Price: £8 (Fries £3)

Squawk: We came at a slow time only to discover friendly staff, music levels not abnoxious, and a menu that has a lot to offer. A lot. As you’d expect with a name like “Bird” they had more than a few burger options. But what really caught our eye was the waffle burger. Holy cluck it was tempting. But seeing as it was our first visit to this establishment, we decided to go with something a little bit more baseline. But trust us, we’re coming back from the waffle thingamabob. It has to be done.

Choices. Choices. Choices.

Choices. Choices. Choices.

Since we noshed on the Nashville Hot burger, let’s start with the heat options. Bird’s house hot sauce was on point – vinagery and tart with just a tinge of heat. We could’ve handled more, but it’s nice to see that generally speaking, they got this correct. The “Nashville” sauce that comes pre-loaded on this particular variation, however, has a lot of heat, which we loved and were surprised by. And as it turns out, we didn’t really need the Texas Pete wanna be, because the sauce on the burger gave us everything we wanted, and more. Speaking of which, for the first time ever we saw Japanese chili pepper on the table, which was an interesting, and nice surprise.

Must. Go. Back.

Must. Go. Back.

The pickles are fantastic, but they dropped the ball a little bit with the bun; to dry, too sweet, too big and fluffy, but if you consider that the “bird” in this place is the hero, then the perhaps the bun is more of a frame for the work of art inside. Perfectly cooked, nice crunch without the oil overload. And we love the option to add double meat even if we didn’t take advantage. (Our pants are already too tight).

We opted for the £3 chips and asked for a side off very nice Buttermilk Ranch (30p) for dipping, which was a good call if we can say so ourselves. We also enjoyed good presentation and branding throughout the establishment and received the best service we’ve had in a London eatery in ages.

Is the word.

Is the word.

Overall they’ve made solid choices here and paid attention to detail. And even though we haven’t tried it yet, they get bonus points for the waffle burger. We saw one get served and it’s outrageous. And necessary. Lord help us all.

Buaawk: It’s not their fault they’re a chain, and some some of the homeliness and vibe gets industrialised out of the place. It’s not overly clinical, but you do know you’re not in a Mom & Pop and you get the feeling the kitchen is playing by a industrial kitchen tested playbook, however good it may be. Also, what we said above about the bun.

Mother Clucker Food Truck

Purveyor: Mother Clucker Food Truck, London UK

Menu Item: Cluckwich

Price: £9 (£10 w cheese)

Pull over and get some help.

Pull over and get some help.

Squawk: This is a fantastic looking food truck painted to look like a military vehicle, but is actually what appears to be an old ambulance. We randomly stumbled across this unit in the back streets of Shoreditch, and given the unique branding and etymological attitude, they felt like kindred spirits. Even though we were actually looking for a place to enjoy a late breakfast, we jumped at the chance to try their chicken burger. While we waited in line we overheard several conversations about this rig, and the consensus amongst them all was that this was one of the best chicken sandwiches in all of Londontown. In fact, according to our eavesdropping, they won “food truck of the year” recently. This is unverified as of this point in time, all we can tell you about is the chicken burger and experience we had.

First unusual thing we noticed was this one comes served on Texas Toast, which is really just white bread slices with some spices sprinkled carefully on top. Inside there is pickled peppers, iceberg lettuce, and a subtle lime mayo. We opted for cheese, obviously, which added an essential element although it wasn’t melted and seemed tossed on as more of an afterthought. Meat-wise they are very generous with the chicken thighs made with a nice crunch yielding to soft tender white meat. Their hot sauce had a nice heat and the pickled peppers gave it a nice bit of zing as well. Overall this one has the right balance of crispiness, moisture, and flavor for a really nice mouth feel and structural integrity.

This was funny until it matched the attitude emanating from inside.

This was funny until it matched the attitude emanating from inside.

Buaawk: Service, as expected in London was terrible, but these guys took it to another level. The attitude from the two overworked staff was almost as palpable as the food. With only 5 people in line in front of us it still took over 40 minutes to get our food. So, was it worth the wait and blatant disdain for customers? Sort of. One thing is for sure, they could’ve scored higher if it weren’t for that long, long wait and uncalled for surly attitude. As someone once said, it’s not enough to just be good at what you do, you have to be nice.