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Chickenberg Germany

Surprisingly, there’s no Schnitzel.

Chicken berg Germany falafel bullshit

Nein. Just, nein.

Spotted this AMAZING and curious sign in Homeland Season 5, Episode 1 recently and well, now it seems we have a reason to go to Germany very shortly. Failing that, if any of our beloved Holy-Cluck readers in Deutschland would be interested in giving this place a shot and doing a review we would be most dankbar. From what we can tell on their Facebook page, Chickenberg has great signage and decor, but the fact that they’re pimping falafels hard gives us cause for concern. Hilfe!


Over the next few weeks will be rolling out a new chicken burger rating system.

This new system will require all Reviewers to submit an overall score as we have done in the past, and also individual scores for a number of important criteria as shown in the list below.

Reviewers will still be ultimately responsible for the final rating (as opposed to an aggregate rating), however this new system will ensure that all Holy-Cluck Reviewer Team members take all aspects of the chicken burger dining experience into consideration before assigning their final “Cluck Scores.”

Please look for this new rating system in future reviews, and if you’re interested in joining the Holy-Cluck Reviewer Team, the first step is to submit a review.

Squawwwk on y’all!
– Team Holy-Cluck