Keg & Brew Pub Surry Hills, NSW Holy-Cluck chicken burger review blog is awesome, even when the burgers are not.

Purveyor: Keg & Brew, 26 Foveaux St. Surry Hills NSW, Australia

Menu Item: Diablo Chicken Burger

Price: $16 AUD ($9.90 on Mondays)

Squawk: The smokey cheese was the only highlight of this burger – that, and it looked appetising when it landed on my table. How wrong I was.

Buaawk: Where to start? The chicken wasn’t spicy, as advertised. It was, however, overcooked, and had the consistency of chicken you would find in the frozen section of your local supermarket. The brioche tasted a day old. Even the freshest of brioche has no business housing a chicken burger, in my opinion.* I think it had coleslaw, but there was so little that I’m struggling to remember.

Rating: 2/10

– Tim B.

*Editor’s Note: This is a subject of much debate here at Holy-Cluck and is largely brioche dependant.

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